SuperRatings most influential tools available for Funds:

Fund Ratings & Awards
Our awards and rating logos are tangible evidence of a funds’ achievements across the superannuation landscape.

RateMySuper and RateMyPension
Customised as a link from your website, this tool can showcase your product offering and how you compare to others in the market.

Fundamentals are our superannuation fund research and analysis reports. Easy to read, they demonstrate succinctly fund strengths and weaknesses.

Fund Ratings & Awards

SuperRatings reward funds with ratings that range from Platinum, Gold and Silver, as well as Other. These ratings are earned, not bestowed. They are coveted by super funds, sought by members and respected by the media.

In an increasingly competitive market, super fund members rely on analysis and validation of their super fund, which is exactly what the SuperRatings' ratings and awards deliver.

A SuperRatings' award or rating logo indicates a fund that measures up to scrutiny of the oldest and most respected industry ratings brand.

The award and ratings logos are displayed by super funds rightfully proud of their achievements. They cannot be bought. They are earned by those funds that rise above their peers. Further they are the result of exhaustive analysis of hundreds of assessment components, including both quantitative and qualitative criteria.

Annual ratings reflect a funds current value for money proposition, whilst 5, 7 and 10 Year Platinum awards honour funds that deliver consistent, industry-leading performance. Awards not only acknowledge the best funds across the super landscape, but also product innovation, sustainable investment and the industry’s rising stars.

Interested in more information? Please download our Fund Ratings flyer.

RateMySuper and RateMyPension

Custom built with your unique branding RateMySuper & RateMyPension actively promotes your product and Rating to existing and new membership directly via your website.
With a simple 3 panel design, visitors can compare your fund against others in the industry. Comprehensive fund details include the product rating, structure and performance displayed in a readily assessable format.

Key Features include:

  • Tailored account balance or insurance capability
  • Your fund automatically defaults as the first viewing panel
  • Product ratings and awards are displayed
  • All key areas displayed -investment, fees and charges, insurance, structure
  • Users can minimise any output they consider not relevant prior to printing
  • Excellent resource for internal market research and forward strategies
  • Continually refreshed & updated monthly to ensure ongoing relevance
  • Help text, guidance and report methodology included in any output

Enhanced interactivity allows viewing on iPad, iPhone and Android devices. Results can be printed to a high quality PDF Document.
With no two installations the same, design flexibility allows tailoring to fit your fund’s unique visual identity. The installation is also available as a back office tool for ‘field staff’ and or educational purposes. We also offer visitor analysis reporting (which can be vital) for member retention strategies, competitor analysis and product development.
RateMySuper & RateMyPension allows you to reach members in a new way by providing unbiased opinion. This equates to current and prospective members being better equipped to make more educated and informed decisions about their superannuation.

Interested in more information? Please download our RateMySuper and RateMyPension flyer.


Coupled with a rating log license, ‘Fundamental’ Reports are a valuable and immediate means of reaching new and current members looking to ‘health check’ a product offering.
Produced in a simple yet comprehensive 2 page PDF format, ‘Fundamentals’ are both a quantitative and qualitative analysis with product commentary. Key components include:

  • Rating and awards prominently displayed
  • Investment performance & asset allocation against industry average fees
  • Fee comparison on a $50k account balance against industry average fees
  • Fund Extras listed
  • Road sign assessment on key areas
  • What we say – SuperRatings’ fund summary
  • What they say – the funds take

Interested in more information? Please download our sample Fundamental report.


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