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8 Jan 2018

Santa rally delivers 10.5% return for super funds in 2017

Australia’s superannuation funds are expected to deliver double-digit returns over the year, with 2017 marking the sixth consecutive year of positive returns for super.

14 Dec 2017

Australia’s super funds deliver early

Christmas for investors

Australia’s superannuation funds are on track to deliver double-digit returns for the 2017 calendar year, with share
market gains through December pointing to a very merry Christmas for investors.

28 September 2017

Steady As It Goes For Super Funds

Investors may have been hoping to start the new financial year with some wind in the sails, but instead it has been steady as she goes.

19 July 2017

$140 Billion Windfall for Australians

Australians in mainstream superannuation funds are set for a windfall as SuperRatings exclusively reveals that the average fund return for last financial year topped 10.4%.

22 June 2017

Top Super Funds to End Financial Year on a High

Australia’s top performing superannuation funds are on track to deliver double-digit returns in FY 2017, riding the global market rally that has driven share prices higher since the latter part of 2016.

25 May 2017

Super Funds Crash Through 10% Returns

Superannuation fund returns continued their eight year bull run in April, boosted by international shares and a fall in the Australian dollar.

20 April 2017

Super Funds Gain as Risk Outlook Eases

Superannuation fund returns were driven higher in March, boosted by continued gains from the Australian share market.

3 April 2017

Productivity Commission Findings No Windfall for Retail Funds

The release of the Productivity Commission’s Draft Report Superannuation: Alternative Default Models on Wednesday has certainly raised some conjecture across the superannuation industry.

20 February 2017

Fundamentals Point to Strong 2017 for Super Funds

With a packed political calendar in 2017, superannuation investors should remain focused on their long-term objectives and the underlying strength of the economy, according to leading research house SuperRatings.

20 March 2017

Super Funds Post Gains in February

Despite strong gains in local and global share markets in February, superannuation funds have delivered more moderate performance, with the median balanced option posting a return of 1.1%.

17 January 2017

Top 10 Super Funds in 2016

Catholic Super and HOSTPLUS were the top returning super funds in 2016, delivering a 10.1% gain for their members, compared to the median Balanced option return of 7.3%.

30 December 2016

Santa Rally Pushes Super Fund Returns to 5th Consecutive Positive Year

Super funds have performed above the ten-year average in 2016, showing the remarkable resilience of Australia’s superannuation system in what has proved to be a highly challenging and eventful year.

19 December 2016

Super Funds Benefit From 'Trump Effect'

After a brief shock to the system, equity markets have rallied strongly on the back of Donald Trump’s upset win in the US presidential election, with Australia’s superannuation investors among the immediate beneficiaries.

23 November 2016

SuperRatings Releases 2017 Kiwisaver Ratings

After researching the KiwiSaver market for the third year, SuperRatings have now released its formal 2016 ratings, awarding seven Schemes its highest Platinum rating.

16 November 2016

Super Funds Down as US Election Nerves Set In

While markets may have appeared remarkably calm ahead of the US election storm, a gradual sell-off in shares through October led to losses for superannuation investors.

13 October 2016

SuperRatings Fund of the Year Nominees Announced

SuperRatings has announced the finalists for the Fund of the Year awards, which recognise excellence throughout the superannuation and pension fund industry.

26 September 2016

Super Funds Remain Positive in August

In what has proved to be another volatile month in investment markets, the majority of Australia’s superannuation funds have seen their Balanced option produce a small positive return over the month, although some small falls were recorded, illustrating the continued challenging investment landscape.

25 August 2016

Top 10 Funds Deliver up to 7% In Last 12months

After a tumultuous 12 months for superannuation, investors are looking to the 2017 financial year with fresh hope.

June 2016

8 Super Funds Rack Up 100% Returns Since GFC

Eight major Australian superannuation funds have managed to achieve what was unthinkable just over seven years ago. Members of these funds have seen their money
more than double since the depths of the GFC, without even making a contribution.

May 2016

Super Fund Returns Move Into The Black

Investors are holding out for a positive return on their super this financial year, with fund balances still recovering from market turbulence at the start of 2016.

May 2016

Insurance When is enough, enough?

Insurance premium increases continue to be a feature of the superannuation landscape. Whilst there are a range of default sums insured and different premium rates across funds, it is evident that some commentators and superannuation funds alike are beginning to question the value of providing default insurance benefits through a superannuation fund or through non-superannuation policies at the request of the individual member.

April 2016

Super Funds Fighting To Get Back In The Black

Yet another bounce in investor confidence has led to a turnaround in superannuation fund returns, with the median Balanced Option jumping by 1.7% in March. According to SuperRatings, the bounce in March returns simply reflected the improved optimism in the global economy, with many markets across the world, rallying hard during the month, particularly in Asia.

21 March 2016

2016 Super Returns Encounter Further Challenges

Superannuation funds continued to face challenging market conditions in February, with the median Balanced Option down 0.5% in February. This is the fifth negative month for the financial year so far, with the financial year-to-date return falling to -1.6%.

18 February 2016

Super Funds Off To A Shaky Start In 2016

Volatile market conditions continue to take their toll on superannuation funds, with the median Balanced Option down 2.1% in January. This is the fourth negative month for the financial year so far, taking the financial year-to-date return into negative territory at -0.8%.

20 January 2016

Top Performing Super Funds In 2015

The median Balanced Option recorded a 0.2% gain in December, taking the 2015 calendar year return to 5.6%. While this sits well below the 16.3% and 8.1% returns seen in 2013 and 2014, it is a solid result given volatile market conditions.

24 November 2015

SuperRatings Releases 2016 Kiwisaver Ratings

After researching the KiwiSaver market for the third year, SuperRatings have now released its formal 2016 ratings, awarding seven Schemes its highest Platinum rating.

18 November 2015

Super Funds Bounce Back

Superannuation funds bounced back in October with the median Balanced Option up 3.0 per cent, helping to offset the losses from August and September. Median returns for the financial year to date now sit at 1.3 per cent.

29 October 2015

2016 Best Super Funds

A review of more than 620 superannuation products, covering 21 million super fund members, has found little correlation between size and overall net benefit to members. While large funds generally display the benefits of scale, many smaller funds provide excellent value for money.

5 August 2015

Top Super Funds Announced

International shares and listed property brought home the bacon this year for superannuation funds, with strong performances from these two asset classes helping to offset a lacklustre year across other markets.

11 June 2015

Sustainable Investments Producing Strong Returns For Superannuation Members

SuperRatings has found sustainable balanced funds produced a median 11.9 per cent return during the 12 months to April 2015, compared with a 12.0 per cent median return for the broader SuperRatings SR50 Balanced Index.

6 February 2015

SuperRatings Launches Kiwisaver Ratings

After researching the New Zealand KiwiSaver market for more than two years, SuperRatings has now released its formal 2015 ratings, awarding 8 Schemes its highest Platinum rating.

20 January 2015

Top Performing Super Funds for 2014 Announced

Super funds ended up exceeding expectations in 2014, with the median Balanced option posting a solid 8.1% gain for the calendar year. This follows on from the 11.7% and 16.3% rises in 2012 and 2013. This means that over the past 3 years, super funds have recorded a return of 12.0% per year, which is slightly above the average annual return in the 3 years prior to the onset of the GFC.

10 December 2014

SuperRatings Finalises 2015 Ratings of Over 600 Products

SuperRatings is pleased to announce the finalisation of its 2015 ratings. This was SuperRatings 12th year of reviewing the Australian superannuation landscape, reflecting our assessment of products against SuperRatings ‘Value for Money’ proposition.

3 November 2014

SuperRatings Release Findings from their latest Pension Benchmark Report

SuperRatings Release Findings from their latest Pension Benchmark Report

8 September 2014

Surging Insurance Premiums - is a long-term view required?

In what is perhaps SuperRatings most comprehensive analysis of insurance data to date it is evident that whilst many funds are experiencing significant increases in premiums during 2013/14, members are not that much worse off, in fact some paying less, than in previous years.

29 August 2014

SuperRatings Issues Response to FSI

Following from the release of the Financial System Inquiry’s (“the Inquiry”) Interim Report, SuperRatings responded with its submission on Tuesday 26th of August.

21 July 2014

Best Super Funds for 2013/14 Financial Year Named

Australian superannuation funds had another strong 2013/14 Financial Year, with the median Balanced option delivering a 12.7% return over the period. Telstra Super was the best performing superannuation fund over the 2013/14 Financial Year, recording a 15.8% return to members.

28 May 2014

Australia’s Superannuation Funds take a Piecemeal Approach to Climate Change Risk Management

With climate change extremes expected to rise this century, the importance of business acting more sustainably is imperative. As at 31 March 2014, the Australian Superannuation industry sits at over $1.8 trillion in FUM. The industry's influence on business draws interest into an examination of the sustainable behaviours undertaken by superannuation funds.

27 March 2014

Why Some Funds Continue To Outperform

As super funds continued their march towards a second successive double digit return for this financial year, there remains the question of what makes some funds continue to outperform their peers over just about all time periods. Sure, super funds can get lucky occasionally, but to keep doing it means there’s a lot more than luck at play. This month we focus on REST Industry Super’s outstanding short and long term performance.

5 February 2014

MySuper sees fees reduce by 30%

Many Australians are set to save over 30% per annum on their superannuation fees, but in many cases not before 2017 and not before they pay an extra $2 billion in fees prior to the final implementation date of 1 July 2017.

2 December 2013

MySuper landscape emerges

With public disclosure documents now available for over 65 MySuper products, SuperRatings has conducted an analysis of fees and investment options available to members in the new MySuper landscape.

21 October 2013

Best Australian Super Funds announced

After analysing more than 300 superannuation products and over 150 pension products, Australia‟s leading super research firm, SuperRatings, has announced the top Australian funds for both people trying to accumulate their super and for those already in retirement.

23 September 2013

SuperRatings' awards nominees revealed

After another challenging year for Australia’s super funds, with the implementation of regulatory changes across a broad spectrum of their activities and with continued market volatility....

23 August 2013

FUM growth strong but membership declines

Based upon research conducted by SuperRatings, 2013 represents the first year in Australia’s superannuation history that overall membership numbers across superannuation funds have declined.

12 June 2013


A decade after pioneering Australia’s leading superannuation performance survey, SuperRatings have launched another first, this time a performance survey based on the FSC/ASFA initiated Risk Measures.

12 June 2013

An Overview of Standard Risk Measures in Practice

Comparability between investment options has long been an issue for superannuation fund members looking to assess which option is the most appropriate for their circumstances.

10 April 2013


Ever imagine super funds as the fighter of the harmful, corrupt and evil in the world? Having undertaken research into the sustainability of Australia’s super funds over the past 5 years, SuperRatings’ does more than imagine this but views this as a growing reality.

19 November 2012


An article published in the Melbourne Age, 7 November 2012 titled “Risk and returns a rocky road” unfortunately showed incorrect fee figures. The correct information is provided in the attached.

29 October 2012


SuperRatings announces the industry's best funds. Fund of the Year, Super of the Year, Pension of the Year, Best New Product, Rising Star & SR Performance Awards.

9 May 2012


Speaking at the SuperRatings Day of Confrontation in 2009, Peter Costello lamented that one of his biggest regrets during his time in office was the introduction of the contribution surcharge and at the first opportunity, he was glad to remove it.

8 May 2012


According to Jeff Bresnahan, “Superannuation is not so far removed from the precepts of sustainability. It’s not stretching the comparison too far. Superannuation is all about sustainability. It’s all about ensuring the future through actions in the present.”

12 April 2012


The government mandated transfer of lost superannuation accounts to the Australian Taxation Office, that occurred in late 2010, placed significant pressure on the ERF sector over the 2010/11 financial year.





Santa rally delivers 10.5% return for super funds in 2017

Date 08/01/2018

Australia’s superannuation funds are expected to deliver double-digit returns over the year, with 2017 marking the sixth
consecutive year of positive returns for super.

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