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SuperRatings Methodology

SuperRatings’ rating methodology seeks to cover over 300 individual parts of a superannuation fund’s offering. The data assessed covers information both in the public domain as well as aspects which are sourced directly from funds via questionnaires.
For more information on the SuperRatings methodology refer to the full text of the SuperRatings methodology at
Our ratings system covers seven main assessment components. These are reviewed both quantitatively and qualitatively and are individually weighted.
Each rated fund is provided with regular ‘Request for Information’ documents from SuperRatings to maintain our data. Where a fund does not respond, or the data provided cannot be substantiated, then the response used will, where appropriate, be assumed to be at the 75th percentile of our universe.
For any queries about the content, please see Any queries about the application of the information contained in this report to your particular circumstances should be directed to your financial advisor and/or fund.

Investment Assumptions

The net benefit calculation assumes members will remain invested in the same investment option for the full period covered with a starting balance of $50,000 and contributions in line with a $50,000 annual income.

Fee Assumptions

The calculated fee displayed assumes that the member will be invested solely in the fund's default balanced option. Where a fund does not have a default balanced option the calculated fee displayed will be for the closest possible option as determined by SuperRatings.

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By clicking I agree you acknowledge the Terms and Conditions and that information provided by RateMyPension has been prepared without considering individual financial objectives, situations or needs. Before acting on the information, consider its appropriateness having regard to your personal circumstances, obtain and consider a copy of the relevant Product Disclosure Statement and Target Market Determination from the product issuer and obtain personal advice from a financial adviser. Any expressed or implied rating or advice is limited to General Advice and based solely on consideration of the merits of the financial product(s), the full ratings methodology is available at

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. SuperRatings receives fees for providing superannuation consulting advice to clients, which includes benchmarking, assistance with tenders, administration assistance and other financial advice.

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Welcome to RateMyPension

To help you use this tool we will guide you through some simple tips to ensure you use the tool to its greatest potential.

Overview: See some high-level details about the fund and its Rating.
Investment: Compare performance, investment options and asset allocation.
Fees: See a comparison of fees across each product.
Product Flexibility: Compare product features such as payment frequency, investment drawdown choices, account access & estate planning options.
Member Servicing: Compare the product's Financial Advice Offerings and Member Communications.
Administration: See information on the product's member call centre and internet based services.
Governance: See information on the fund's Trustee Structure, Fund Service Providers and Disclosure.

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What do the Ratings mean?

The Ratings assesses the overall score for the product against all of those we rate in the market based on our methodology.
Platinum: Overall Product Score of 75%-100%: Excellent Value for Money. Strong across most of our key criteria.
Gold: Overall Product Score of 50%-75%: Good Value for Money. Strong across the majority of our key criteria.
Silver: Overall Product Score 25%-50%: Average value for money super fund. Performs well across some of our key criteria.
Other: Overall Product Score of under 25%: Below average value for money. Performance lags across a number of our key criteria.

What do Road Signs mean?
Excellent: Score of 75%-100%: Well Above Benchmark
Good: Score of 51%-74%: Above Benchmark
Average: Score of 25%-50%: Benchmark
Below average: Score of below 25%: Below Benchmark
Alert: Unable to provide an assessment due to lack of required qualitative information. May impact governance, member servicing, administration, and investment process.
Under Review: Due to recent significant changes, this area is currently under review.

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